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We believe that beauty is a state of being. It radiates outwards from the soul and cannot be attained through makeup alone. At Vieve’s Leaves, we are proud to offer products that will soothe both your skin and your psyche. Just as science is at the foundation of health, it is also at the foundation of wellness. That’s why each of the proprietary formulas in our line has been tested and retested to ensure that they’ll make you feel as good as you’ll look.

Our Bloom

We believe that healthy, balanced skin starts with a handful of natural ingredients and a lot of research. Developed with help from scientists and skincare experts, and backed by extensive research, Vieve’s Leaves came to bloom. Using a variety of all-natural ingredients, our skincare routine products target some of the most common issues we face with our skin – dryness, unbalance, redness, inflammation, photoaging, and more. We use a combination of natural extracts, active botanicals, and minerals that help heal skin from within. Vieve believes in natural healing, and that’s where the ingredient list begins and ends. None of our products include, or come in contact with potentially harmful ingredients, plastics, or metals.

When you begin using Vieve’s Leaves, you’ll realize just like we did, that you don’t need products with ingredients you can’t pronounce to see incredible results.

Meet Vieve

In March 2020, Genevieve Dolan, CEO, was forced to slow down, which was foreign to such a high-paced, busy gal. However, it gave her a lot (and we mean A LOT) of time to reflect on her past, present, and future. Who was she? What was she doing with her life? Who was she about to become?

Living in a big city, Genevieve was always on the go. As a diligent event planner, a dedicated yogi, and life of the party, she became more aware of how her overall health was related to her beauty and mood. After many sleepless nights, migraines, anxiety, and failed prescriptions from her doctors, Genevieve sought out a more natural approach to her health.

Hemp-derived botanicals became, and still are, an integral part of her everyday life. Intrigued by its healing powers, Vieves was determined to find a way to share it with all the people she loves, which is a long list! Fast forward a couple of years, and her light is finally able to shine much further than expected, landing her dream job as CEO of Vieve’s Leaves.

Born and raised north of Chicago, Genevieve grew up as one of five children. With family at her core, she was super excited to join the family business, Dolan Family Partners LLC, and land an opportunity about which she is immensely passionate. From a young age, Genevieve was always interested in a career that involved working with people. She has always thrived in a collaborative environment. Whether it was managing a big event, volunteering at her local hospital (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab), or chairing a non-profit auxiliary board (MetroSquash), she has learned the meaning of leadership and management. Even in the toughest of situations, Genevieve has always found a way to encourage positivity for herself and the people around her.

After studying at the College of Charleston, Genevieve graduated and headed straight into a Client Service role at a finance firm in Chicago. After learning all things numbers and spreadsheets, she continued into an operations role at an automotive startup. Craving creativity and energy, Vieve sought out an opportunity with one of Chicago’s finest event planning firms, All Things Party. The nature of the job’s long hours paid off, as Genevieve became highly skilled in managing client expectations, small business administration, and having a critical eye for detail. It was also when she developed her drive to always be operating at peak efficiency.

As a highly social and active individual, Genevieve quickly realized how important attaining a sense of balance was to her life. Going from managing events, to friends’ outings and staying in shape, the stress started to mount. Burdened by body aches, insomnia, and anxiety, Genevieve was determined to combat any negativity that clouded her space. So, she did her research and began using hemp-derived botanicals. But figuring out how it would fit into her life was easier said than done.

Genevieve tested and retested multiple brands and products, learning exactly what worked best for her body and soul. Although she has discovered the regimen that works best for her, she will never stop experimenting with ways to use hemp to make improvements in her life and the lives of those around her. Throughout the years, she’s learned more and more about the power of hemp, which has led her to Vieve’s Leaves. Designed to grow your soul, Vieve’s Leaves provides products that are designed to deliver a healthier balance to health-conscious people seeking natural remedies for the wear and tear of everyday life.

Meet Vieve - CEO of Vieve's Leaves (No Background)