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beauty science

Our Holistic Beauty Philosophy

We don’t cover imperfections. We make cosmeceuticals that enhance well-being and gently bring out natural, inner beauty.

Vieve means full of life. This is how we want you to feel.

We believe achieving this sense of balance is built from within. Your health is your beauty and we want to compliment both of them. Vieve’s Leaves will lighten your life by incorporating a combination of calming products into your daily routine. We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients and Cannabinoids to provide lasting, rejuvenating, and illuminating benefits from our seeds to your soul.

Vieve’s Leaves’ collaborates with hemp experts to create precise combinations of cannabinoid compounds targeting specific issues with high efficiency. Sourcing from the most exquisite strains of hemp, and using state-of-the-art extraction methods produce high yielding and high phytocannabinoid end product in the form of full-spectrum distillate, THC-Free distillate or isolate. Cannabinoids have been recognized as a way to promote homeostasis of the body, mind, and skin. Vieve’s Leaves brings science and beauty together to create products that will reveal the wondrous benefits of a plant-based approach to overall wellness.