Vieve’s Leaves AM/PM Skin Balancing Duo

(15 customer reviews)


Infuse your AM and PM routine with our 2-step CBD skin balancing treatment.

THC Free. Cruelty-free. Responsibly sourced.

Key Ingredients:


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp
  • Fruit Stem Cells 
  • Organic Aloe
  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp
  • Fruit Stem Cells 
  • Green Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Ginkgo
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E

15 reviews for Vieve’s Leaves AM/PM Skin Balancing Duo

  1. Maura Colwell

    HOLY GRAIL! My skin has never felt better + glowy after using Vieve’s Leaves!! MUST BUY!

  2. Emily Labes

    I’ve been using Vieve’s Leaves for a little over a week, and I cannot believe the difference I’m already seeing in my skin. I look more rested than I’ve looked in years, and — I know this is kind of a cliche — but I swear I can *feel* it working every time I put it on. Additionally, aside from astringent/toner and periodic masks, I’ve been able to cut my skincare routine down to just these two products. As someone who works long hours, I cannot tell you how much this means to me. These products WILL change your life.

  3. Bridget Koch

    In the words of Cher, if I could turn back time! These products are amazing. Love them after only four days! Obsessed.

  4. Molly curley

    Truly the most amazing product I have ever used! My skin is glowing and has never felt more hydrated! I am IN LOVEEEE

  5. Pat Colwell

    Week 3 using Serum and Moisturizer. My skin is smoother and loving the glow! Who doesn’t like hearing “Your skin looks great”

  6. Pearce

    As a new Mom, I’m so busy taking care of my Baby that I hardly have any time to take care of myself – Vieves Leaves has truly given me back that feeling of “me time” without all of those time-consuming regimens I did pre-baby. The serum makes my skin feel so smooth, and once I finish it off with the moisturizer (which smells like a dream), I feel like I’ve just been to a five-star spa. I was hesitant to use CBD products at first because I have such sensitive and eczema prone skin, but my skin has never felt or looked better. Highly recommend VL!!

  7. Jenna Fabick

    Botox in a bottle! This product is a must in my daily routine. My skin feels so soft after applying. The natural ingredients & never tested on animals is very important to me as well!

  8. Jennifer R.

    I love Vieve’s leaves hydration pack as it hydrates my very sensitive skin without any break outs! It is easy to incorporate into my beauty routine and my skin is softer and feels refreshed and younger! As I approach a milestone birthday, I’m so glad I found this product to keep my skin looking young and healthy.

  9. edspender

    VIeve’s Leaves serum and moisturizer are essential to my skin care routine. Vieve’s products make my skin feel so hydrated, nourished and radiant and I love knowing that the key ingredients in each product are of such high quality. As a new mom who is often short on time, it’s important to me to have a quick, easy skin care routine that leaves my skin feeling and looking fabulous and to know that what I’m putting on my skin is made from high quality ingredients that are deeply nourishing. Highly recommend Vieve’s Leaves for anyone looking for that clean, fresh and radiant feeling when you walk out the door!!

  10. Jennifer D

    It’s always gratifying to support entrepreneurial women – I’m continually impressed and inspired by the talent and energy around us. But when their product is this awesome, it could not be easier! I loved the serum and moisturizer from Vieve’s Leaves from day one. First, the packaging is perfect, with easy to use pumps that dispense just the right amount. Mornings are hectic, so I value the fact that they’ve designed a serum and lotion that complement each other and make my routine easy.
    Now the really good part. The scent is wonderful – not overpowering. It just makes me happy and soothes my soul.
    There must be something special going on with the CBD and plant ingredients …it hydrates, it’s the
    perfect weight, it improves my skin texture and tone, and makeup goes on easily. Plus, it has all of the things you can’t see but are so important…it’s organic and responsibly sourced. Thank you for solving my skin care routine – I don’t need to look any further!

  11. Kelly

    No product has ever helped my skin so much! Since I started using this every day, I haven’t had any acne, peeling (even when I have been completely sunburnt), and my dark spots have gone way down.. After 3 weeks I was back to just wearing a little eye makeup and some bronzer. Feeling like I am 25 again! I hope everyone’s results are as promising as mine were 🙂

  12. Debbie

    My daughter got me this for mothers day, and I have been told a bunch of times that my skin is brighter. I will be buying again.

  13. Leslie H

    The best Mother’s Day present ever! I’ve used Vieve’s Leaves Serum and moisturize every day since then and I love my new products and simple routine! My skin feels smooth and looks fresh even without any make up. I have a had quite a few friends ask what I’ve had done, facelift? peel? Botox? and I’m so proud to say it’s all Vieve’s Leaves. Feeling radiant and looking younger too! 🙂

  14. LukeJoyce30

    Completely worth it. Have repurchased three times now as my psoriasis has completely cleared up. Thank you, Vieve’s Leaves!

  15. Aurelija Merrill

    Amazing products! I have sensitive and acne prone skin, postpartum, so I feel like I needed something simple and easy but refreshing for my skin to use. I love the moisturizer and serum combo. It’s a a great routine to moisturize but also manage any inflammation and redness I have. Helped my skin to feel and look more hydrated and fresh. The smell is divine! Thank you Vieve’s Leaves.

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