Vieve’s Leaves Rejuvenating Facial Fusion

(2 customer reviews)


Calm and illuminate your skin with our rejuvenating facial fusion moisturizer

2 reviews for Vieve’s Leaves Rejuvenating Facial Fusion

  1. Yvette Pacheco

    This moisturizer was light and absorbed right away. I really appreciate how light weight it is, it made my skin feel nourished with out feeling like I had products on. No fragrance is a huge plus for me, since I have sensitive skin.

  2. Emily Labes

    I’ve never had a moisturizer that feels so clean and lightweight before! It’s perfect for my combination skin, whether I’m having a dry day or an oily day. In the past, I had to restrict my moisturizing so as not to break out, but I can put on Vieve’s Leaves Facial Fusion 2x a day without developing a single zit! Total game changer. I’ll never go back!

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