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 We’re ready to partner with you and your store with a wholesale strategy that will create wellness between us and your customers. Our CBD wellness products include the highest quality ingredients and Cannabinoids to provide lasting, rejuvenating, and illuminating benefits from our seeds to your customers’ soul. This quality will keep your customers keep coming back for more! And, with the margins you can accumulate with each sale, you can rest assured that your business will thrive. 


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A dreamer, beauty enthusiast, and wellness junkie, Vieves started her CBD adventure as adulthood slowly started to creep in.

Living in a big city, Genevieve was always on the go. As a diligent event planner, a dedicated yogi, and life of the party, she became more aware of how her overall health was related to her beauty and mood. After many sleepless nights, migraines, anxiety, and failed prescriptions from her doctors, Genevieve sought out a more natural approach to her health. CBD became, and still is, an integral part of her everyday life. Intrigued by its healing powers, Vieves was determined to find a way to share it with all the people she loves, which is a long list! Fast forward a couple of years, and her light is finally able to shine much farther than expected. See below for more information on Genevieve’s career journey and how she landed her dream job as CEO of Vieve’s Leaves. 

Born and raised north of Chicago, Genevieve grew up as one of five children. With family at her core, she was super excited to join the family business, Dolan Family Partners LLC, and land an opportunity about which she is immensely passionate. From a young age, Genevieve was always interested in a career that involved working with people. She has always thrived in a collaborative environment. Whether it was managing a big event, volunteering at her local hospital (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab), or chairing a non-profit auxiliary board (MetroSquash), she has learned the meaning of leadership and management. Even in the toughest of situations, Genevieve has always found a way to encourage positivity for herself and the people around her.