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Welcome to Vieve's Leaves — where we simplify skincare into a sustainable, universally suitable routine powered by nature and validated by science. Our focus is on real-world skin issues, selecting natural ingredients for our science-backed formulas that address and prevent common skin health concerns effectively. By refining skincare to its most effective steps, we show that an easy-to-maintain skincare routine can achieve significant results for everyone. Experience the strength of streamlined skincare with Vieve's Leaves, where simplicity meets efficacy, proving less really is more.

Vieve's Leaves Skincare

Meet Vieve

Raised in a lively Chicago home as one of five siblings, beauty, fashion, and health naturally piqued my interest from an early age, surrounded by a family predominantly of women. My journey into the world of skincare began with youthful experiments in makeup and skincare, which took a challenging turn during my teenage years with the onset of cystic acne. This condition propelled me into an extensive exploration of pharmaceutical solutions through my early twenties. Yet, the adverse reactions my body had to these treatments led me down a different path.

Turning towards holistic health, I immersed myself in learning from nutritionists and integrative medicine specialists, nurturing a passion for healing from within. This exploration cemented all-natural botanicals and whole ingredients as pillars of my daily skincare regimen.

The pivotal moment came in 2020, when an opportunity emerged to merge my appreciation for both science and nature into creating skincare products that embody the balance, nutrients, and support essential to my beauty routine. This marked the inception of Vieve's Leaves, my dream realized into a skincare brand.

Collaborating closely with a chemist, we formulated products tailored to meet the needs of skin types like mine: acne-prone, dry, and sensitive, enriched with age-defying antioxidants. It was here that Vieve’s Leaves was born, out of a desire to extend the same healing, balancing, and confidence-boosting skincare solutions to others facing similar challenges.

Vieve's Leaves Skincare