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We're a next-generation skincare brand catering to the wellness-conscious consumer's desire for simple, clinically effective, naturally derived products.We believe healthy, balanced skin starts with a handful of all-natural ingredients that target real-world skin problems we face. By using validated help from scientists and skincare experts, combined with proven ancient traditions, Vieve's Leaves came to bloom. Each of the proprietary formulas in our line has been tested and retested to ensure that they’ll make you feel as good as you’ll look.When you begin using Vieve's Leaves, you'll realize just like we did, that you don't need multiple combinations of products or expensive personalized skincare to see incredible results.

Vieve's Leaves Skincare

Meet Vieve

Born and raised in Chicago as one of five children, I’ve always been on-the-go and outgoing. There are four women in my family, so beauty, fashion and health have always interested me. From a young age I loved experimenting with different makeup and skincare. When cystic acne set in during my teenage years, I became incredibly informed with the pharmaceutical side of healing; and into my early 20s, doctors prescribed me all sorts of medications for my skin and other maladies. Unfortunately, my body just didn’t react that well to these and I eventually had to stop taking them.

This led me to explore a more holistic approach to my health and, through my own experiences with nutritionists and integrative medicine specialists, I developed a passion for healing the body from the inside out.

All-natural botanicals and whole-ingredients for skincare became, and still are, an integral part of my everyday life. Intrigued by its natural healing powers, I was determined to find a way to share it with all the people I love, which is a long list! Fast forward a couple of years to 2020, I was introduced to an opportunity where I could blend both science and nature to create products that delivered the balance, nutrients, and support I needed in my beauty routine which is when I decided to create my dream skincare company, Vieve's Leaves.

Working alongside a chemist, I developed a formula that worked with my skin (which is a combination of acne-prone, dry, and sensitive) and packed it full of age-defying antioxidants. This was the beginning of creating Vieve’s Leaves in hopes my products could help others who struggled with similar skincare issues."

Vieve's Leaves Skincare