Our Distinction

We don’t cover imperfections. We make cosmeceuticals that enhance well-being and gently bring out natural, inner beauty.

Beauty Science - All-Natural Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Vieve means full of life. This is how we want you to feel.

Vieve's Leaves offers routine skincare products that target some of the most common issues we face with our skin - dryness, sensitivity, redness, inflammation, blemishing, and more. With the combination of our proprietary vitamin-E blend and other active whole-plant-based ingredients, our products can naturally heal and soothe these common complex skin challenges with an easy two-step routine. When it comes to skincare that really works, sometimes all you need is a simple and nurturing routine to have flourishing, beautiful skin.


Vieve's Leaves doesn't pride its products on highlighting the benefit of one star ingredient. In fact, it's the synergistic effect of our entire proprietary formulation that steal the show. Both products are infused with our proprietary, high-grade Vitamin-E blend, called E-Cann. This blend acts as the "horsepower" for our entire formula, assisting in increased efficacy, faster absorption, and faster recovery or cell turnover. It's also a natural anti-oxidant boost for soothing redness, dark spots, & inflammation.

Our Serum uses Fruit Stem Cell Technology formulated from a rare species of apples called, Uttwiler Spätlauber, which are organically grown and can only be sourced from Switzerland. These rare fruit stem cells are touted for their ability to protect our skin stem cells while increasing firmness, elasticity, and cell rejuvenation for an age-defying look.

Our Moisturizer uses Organic Aloe, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng Root, & Gotu Kola. These natural ingredients act together to lock in hydration, increase collagen production, and reduce fine lines or wrinkles while simultaneously improving elasticity and reducing hyperpigmentation.

Vieve's Leaves' entire skincare line uses a water-based formula that's quickly absorbed in the skin and leaves no greasy film or appearance. Water-based skincare is ideal to use with makeup, is easy to wash, & won't clog your pores. It also allows a multifaceted solution for various skin types, such as dry, oily, sensitive, & combination skin.

Safe & All-Natural

Vieve's Leaves products and formulations are dermatologically-tested to avoid irritation or adverse side effects and reactions to your skin. Clinically formulated and tested to work for all skin types, especially skin that is prone to redness, inflammation, dryness, oiliness, combination, and blemishing.

Vieve's Leaves products contain absolutely ZERO harmful chemicals, impurities, or synthetics, and are 100% paraben, phthalate, and artificial fragrance-free. Vieve's Leaves is 100% cruelty-free and NEVER has & NEVER will be tested on animals. Focused on the natural healing or re-balancing of the skin using only all-natural, whole-plant-based (vegan) ingredients. Always responsibly & sustainably sourced.

Efficacy & Dedication

Absolutely ZERO dilution of ingredients to increase product volume occurs when formulating Vieve's Leaves products. We prioritize capturing the maximum potency of all active ingredients in order to produce the synergistic effects and benefits they provide. Most of our customers feel immediate relief upon using our products and can see visible results to their skin in as little as 14 Days.

Vieve's Leaves Founder, Genevieve Dolan, dealt with real-world struggles regarding her skin. Real-world struggles people face with their skin are where our brand focus started and will always remain. Actively engaging with our community is how we make our products better. We consistently work with renowned skincare experts & scientists to create the best formulation that can be used for all skin types. And we are dedicated to constantly achieving this. If there is a better ingredient or source, we'll be sure to find it and use it.